All parts of you are welcome

I use Internal Family Systems therapy to change your past reactions and behaviors that have you stuck in life.

What is Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy?

IFS changes lives for the better. It’s a non-pathologizing, evidence-based therapy that can bring healing and harmony by connecting your best Self to the parts of you that hold different thoughts, feelings, and beliefs from your past.

It's Helpful For Relationships, Too

All relationships struggle. IFS guides you in that struggle to find the space and capacity to choose a response rather than simply react to it. We are wired to connect, with an innate need to belong. With more access to your Self, transformation feels natural.

What about Medication Management?

I can help with that, too. Medication Management means using medicines to relieve symptoms coming from your nervous system when it feels out of balance. This can look like too much fight or flight energy, or like avoidance or collapse, with barely enough energy to get through the day.

The goal is to find a balance on as little medication as can be achieved at any given point.

Therapeutic Techniques

These are some of the techniques I can employ in conjunction with IFS and medication, depending on what your mind and body need to find healing and balance.

Regulation, Connection and Felt-Safety Techniques

Involves changing both thinking and behavioral patterns, which includes recognizing and reevaluating your stress response, understanding others' behaviors, problem-solving, building boundaries, increasing confidence, confronting fears, using role-playing, and practicing relaxation techniques.

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand tray therapy is an expressive therapeutic approach allowing individuals, including adults, and teens, to build a personal miniature world using objects and sand as a means to reflect on their life, resolve conflicts, and promote self-acceptance.

Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB)

IPNB is an approach for trauma healing by being with you with no agenda and no judgement. It's an open space to come in, and allow what needs to happen by letting your system guide the session—with some help from me, of course—but will guide us down this path of healing trauma. It's an open, listening place, because that’s what creates safety, and without safety, it’s not going to go in deep or as well.

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